Tutorial oficial de madre fumando por primera vez marihuana: /watch?v=j8dcygsjhfqfeature=youtu.be VIDEO OFICIAL DE MADRE FUMANDO POR PRIMERA VEZ MARIHUANA: /watch?v=j8DcygsjhFQfeature=youtu.be VIDEO OFICIAL DE MADRE FUMANDO POR PRIMERA VEZ MARIHUANA: /watch?v=j8DcygsjhFQfeature=youtu.be VIDEO OFICIAL DE MADRE FUMANDO POR PRIMERA VEZ MARIHUANA: /watch?v=j8DcygsjhFQfeature=youtu.be.

Strange Buds Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time Ep 2

Rap music.brace mattic. what? what? rap music.BB2, uh wad up genro? Jenny. Jenny. rap music.Uh.We all gonna let you know how these verbals. Director: Uh.And you never smoked marijuana before? Paula: No, I’ve never smoked marijuana. Director: Is there a reason why you haven’t?.

Paula: i was too busy raising children. Dorothea: I was a suburban housewife and we had our cigarettes and our cocktails and we were happy. Dierdre: No I’ve never smoked marijuana before. Director: It’s happening. Let’s bring it out and let them handle it. Dierdre: Oh, I have nerves. Dierdre: All of a sudden I have butterflies.

Paula: yipes. Dierdre: We don’t know what to do with that. Producer: Are you comfortable or do you want me to light it? Paula: Okay. Producer: And then.You would just inhale from the top. Paula: Oh Jesus.

Producer: and it’s going to drag smoke into here. Paula: Here we go! Paula: stand by one. And you can gently, just stop lighting it. You can let go of the lighter. Dierdre: Now take a breath. Dierdre: Oh. Maybe not?.

Paula: you need more. Dorothea: I need more? Paula: Oh you need more. Paula: Put your whole face over that. Paula: Yes there. Paula: Do it like you mean it.

Paula: she meant it. Dorothea: Now it’s your turn. Paula: It’s my turn? Dierdre: okay burning coughing Director: Cool well done.

Dorothea: i think it was easier than i thought. Dierdre: Yeah Dorothea: and I think it’s just. Dierdre: .except now it’s burning. Dorothea: Better to do the bong and not the cigarette, the joint. whatever it’s called.

Paual: okay. Dorothea: Yeah, I can feel some tingling in my brain. can you? Paula: I feel like I’m smiling. Dierdre: You’ve played this before. Dorothea: I’ve played this before. Paula: Oh. I didn’t know you could use.all your hands.


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