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Natural Marijuana has been our selfcultivation section. Miguel Gimeno is the author of the book with this name. With him, we visited personal and familiar crops, we want to thank again the growers confidence who have opened their gardens to shoot. Without them we could not develop the programs. We begin inside, The first crop had insufficient optimization. Big pots, wasted light. Too much effort and little production. Too much watts, too much light for such a small place, if there is too much gaps between the plants, to optimize the culture we have to seek.

As many flowers as possible. These gaps reduce the productivity, optimization decreases. In a indoor crop, besides to enjoy with differents varieties, we have to optimize labor invested, money, watts, fertilizer. We continue in the interior. The harvest is almost finished. Another issue is Trichomes resin glands. We can watch these glands with a magnifying loupe 15X or 20X. 30X or 40X so much better These glands look like chupa chups, like a stick with a ball at the end. Some farmers harvest the glands when are transparent. This effect is a little bit more The yellowing sites.

Mean lack of nitrogen. Other colors present other kind of lack of nutrients. The sites mottled with light green color, interspersed with deep green color, and yellowing around them, are burn. Actually a lack of nutrients. The days get longer, and the growth go on. Miguel shows us the style, the different techniques, and gave us valuable advices. Always respecting the environment. Here we have a Kali, Somango, Jack Herer, a Quasar, Criminal Jack, Critical Labol, and Blueberry. Different varieties along the year. In order to fill the pantry up with different flavours and tastes. On the outskirts.


Hey, buddies, what's up Sometimes after a copious meal you need a bit of liquor in order to digest one's food, has this happened to you Charles. Arthur, the brunch was insultingly delicious. Thank you, let's go to the smoking room to taste a delicious liquor macerated for years in oak casks. Today, we're gonna learn how to make a delicious liquor with marijuana. We already have all the ingredients we need ready, which we'll mix in a big saucepan. Firstly, vodka. We should add the branches from the marijuana plant. Subsequently, we add tasty marijuana buds.

We cannot forget to sweeten all of this with honey. Marijuana is really bitter and if we don't add something sweet to our concoction, this will be the face we'll get when tasting the liquor. So, just in case, we'll add sugar and more sugar, better to have too much than too little. I love sugar. Boil the ingredients, but not too much, because it could look thick or dense. We cool it and it's ready to drink. What is happening here Everybody go home! But mom! As I said, everybody go home!.

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