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At the last program we visited, the crops planification was wrong, in the next crop the optimization has been the priority priority. that means, improve and increase production, like we will see. the first example of good planning is the absence of gaps between plants.

The gaps between them are small. So,this space will be filled by plant mass including flowers and buds, which is what interests us. however, in the previous program we could see there were a lot of gaps between plants and those gaps have to be filled in order to take advantage of all the light and all the expenses we have had. This crop.

Is been realized only with two varieties unlike the previous one in which we had different genotypes and phenotypes. But in this one we have two varieties with different genotypes but only one phenotype, that means, we are looking for the plants equality in the grow and flourish time, with a similar speed of growth and flowering,to avoid decompensation, and also avoid.

The ups and downs in the spotlights installation, so the light will always be homogeneous on superficial area. It will affect the buds and that’s the most important. The varieties used are quot;Critical Massquot; in front of me, and back to me quot;Channelquot;.

As we have said are different genes but the phenotypes are as similar as posible. We are looking for a homogeneous crop. this way what we get is a further optimization of crop. There is a high population density. Under these 600 watts we are cultivating 200 cuttings.

Those cuttings were grown 15 days during these weeks the plants grew and flourished. This way to cultivate is called Sea Of Green We can see a green mantle at the same height. increase and improve the production is what we are interested in indoor growing.

We have to optimize the lights expenditures, the fertilizer and our work time. The plants have to be always at the same height in order to keep the spotlight always at the same distance relative to ends of flowering. With a proper planning crop.

La ventilacin en cultivo de interior de cannabis parte 2 420weedTV PROGRAMA 106

Today, Herer Grow Shop will still give us some advice on ventilation and extractor fans. Hello, here we are again. I represent Herer Grow Shop and we are here with our friend Sergio from Blimburn, an expert, a guru on today’s topic. We are very lucky to have him here. Today we will talk about ventilation. For people to understand,.

We will talk about extraction, more precisely extraction fans, depending on its size, the amount of air they work with. How do we know the type of extractor fan we need? Extractor fans can be divided in terms of how many cubic meters of air they can extract or introduce per hour in a room. We have to calculate the square meters of the room or tent. Once we have calculated that,.

We have to bear in mind that we need to renovate the air 40 times per hour. Depending on that, we will need one type or the other. So, in other words, we have to calculate how many cubic centimetres we have in our tent. It is very simple. We have to multiply the 80 cm of depth by the 80 cm of width.

By 1.6 meters of height. The result is the total volume we have. Sergio mentioned that that volume is what we need to extract 40 times per hour. It is a bit complicated, but that is why we have these small tents which are easier to calculate. The easiest thing to do when buying and extractor fan.

Is going to your grow shop. That is why Herer Grow Shop exists. We are mathematicians. Just give the measurements and they will do it for you. Exactly. We have to take something into account. They are all extractor fans, but we can use them to extract air or to introduce air.

Into our crop. The calculation is easier. We always advice having an intractor fan 20% less powerful than the extractor fan. That will do it for the air renovation in our crop. We will also need. Inside the tent, there is an intraction area and an extraction area. But we want the air movement.

To be even in the tent or the room. That is why we have fans. Exactly. There are 5 watt or 15 watt fans. For a tent this size is perfect. If we have bigger crops, we should use industrial sized fans. But it is very important controlling the air renovation. People should take into account that one of the problems we can encounter.


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