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We are in late August. Just a month and a half ago we visited this crop. As we can see there aren't enough place inside.That's because of the horizontal growth. The plants were opened and the light came inside. This has facilitated the horizontal growth, not vertical growth. If the growth of the plants had been vertical, the plants would have transgress indoor system, and the pruning would be inevitable. We can not go inside. Let's go to try to explain this system. Like you can see the shanks that cross the crop system.

Have argued the branches and thanks to this the plants were opened. The light went inside providing a horizontal growth occupying the entire indoor growing rea. The plants have begun to grow. The flowering tops start. Within a week we will have to attend them in order to prevent plague of worms on buds. We can access to this other crop module. Probably had a low fusarium, although we cannot prove it. For the features that they have explained us is possible this deduction, now let's go to explain the powdery mildew. Here we have a plant with.

Powdery mildew attack. The powdery mildew is a fungus, a cryptogamic disease which produces these kinds of white stains, looks like dirty water over the plant, is powdery mildew, is the fungus mycelium that is growing on the leaflet tissue. The powdery mildew could covering the entire leaves surface. Even can even attack fungi, so, could be a big deal for cannabis consumption. To prevent the powdery mildew we have to do preventive treatments with propolis extract. The propolis is a substance secreted by bees. It is a protector, a natural antibiotic.

Other than work against fungal diseases which is what interests us like preventive method, can be done treatments during three or four days in dose of 2 to 4 milliliters by liter depending on the concentration of the extract spraying the leaves surface. It can be used, besides the propolis, micronized sulfur duster or also copper sulfate, but we want to consume it, so, it's better try to prevent this kind of products. Propolis is better, is totally natural, even people can consume it like antibiotic to our immunologic system. In this last module we can see that the plants.

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