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Today on 420 Weed TV we will meet Lluïsa Feliu, a woman who suffers from epilepsy and glaucoma. She claims that through therapeutic cannabis her life quality has improved. Lluïsa, a lady from Barcelona living in Girona, was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 14, a disease her parents considered evil. Years later, she was diagnosed with glaucoma,.

An eye condition that reduces vision gradually. Without an adequate treatment, it can lead to blindness. Today she explains her experience. Lluïsa, we are in Girona, relatively close from where you live. Relatively. We are here because you use cannabis for health reasons. Yes. What do you suffer from?.

Well. Since I was little, since my body changed at 14, I suffer from epilepsy. But what I am suffering now in an alarming manner is an increase of glaucoma. When you were 14, you were diagnosed with epilepsy. I understand they gave you medication for that. Tegretol, 400 mg, twice per day.

And Noiafren, 20 mg, twice per day. When were you diagnosed with glaucoma? When I was older. My glasses were never well graduated, so I went to the eye and the optician, and he tested my ocular pressure and he found the glaucoma. How old were you? I was 27. I am 64 now.

You were working. Yes, I was a nurse at Vall d’Hebron , on the surgery emergency night shift. How did glaucoma affect you in your daily life? Not much because it was at an early stage. It was just gradually increasing. Did they give you medication for the glaucoma? They didn’t, but I searched on the Internet.

And also in some cannabis clubs, there are several in Girona, there is a lot of marijuana here. I bought a book and it seemed like weed was very good for both epilepsy, perfect for glaucoma, and it could help for my husband’s multiple sclerosis. We decided we would try, we planted it. While we had weed, everything was fine. And the said, quot;Go on.quot;.

So you were diagnosed at age 27, and when did you start using cannabis? When they told me it was increasing faster than usual. I went from 16 to 18 in ocular pressure in only one year. When I had the chance to have a computer only for myself 24 hours a day, I did a thorough search to. When there is a new medication, there is always an opportunist or troll, so one has to search a lot and very accurately.

Cannabis medicinal artritis y lumbalgia 420weedTV PROGRAMA 17

11,4 % of temporary sick leave in Spain are due to lumbago. I’d like to know about the symptoms origins. The lumbago is a symptom. It’s a symptom. It’s a symptom of an illness. An illness can easily be a bad posture, not sleeping well, having done an effort which had caused a little muscular injury or a little fibre torn. There are different causes, normally lumbago is an inflammation.

Of the lumbar muscles which give pain and limit movement. But it seems to be the great global pain that exists. Yes, elementary. All of us have had lumbago some day. What ways do we have to palliate the pain? We have the conventional one, which are antiinflammatory treatments, painkillers, it’s also conventional but not that frequent, physiotherapy.

And then of course, we have the treatments with natural products which give a great benefit and don’t have the side effects that the pharmaceutical products can cause to people. Can we talk about weed ointments? Yes, that’s right. How are they used? When we are talking about ointments, there are two ways of preparation: one with oils and the other with waxes.

If we use it with oils, we apply them over the skin and then we have to apply a dressing to retain the effect. If we use it with waxes, the same wax serves as dressing, so we only apply it, first we have to warm the skin, we have to do a certain physiotherapy. The weed ointment is always associated with physiotherapy. The pores absorb it and has a quick and beneficial effect. And can you get the high effect? No.

In our patients, we’ve checked what kind of systemic absorption grade exists in the cannabis components of the ointment. We’ve seen they are undetectable in the urine. So through the skin, it cannot produce an euphoria effect or drowsiness. What’s the reason why people use weed ointments instead of eating it? If we give it to consume, in sharp processes, instead of giving orally, we’ll have to give it to inhale.

That would provoke some excessive euphoria in patients, specially in elderly patients, that would really scare them, when they get that high that appear after 30 seconds. Those patients would never try it again. The ointment doesn’t produce that high, patients feel completely normal and that’s why it’s ideal for lumbago cases or any other muscular pains: knees, neck.

You introduce me to your patient. Naturally. Fernando is a middle age patient, who due to his job, is forced to do not recommended exercises for his illness. I’d like to know which is your job. What do you do? I build and repair pools. What pain do you have? Well, apart from the little pains due to age, I have back chronic pain, lumbago. Right.


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