Pot Brownies May Land Man In Jail FOR LIFE

A 19yearold man in Texas is facing a life sentence for baking and selling pot brownies using hash oil now he could serve anywhere between five years to life and to know that he would even spitzer five years of his life behind bars for this is absolutely ridiculous now it's considered a firstdegree felony because of the way to brownies texas is one of the only states that actually I ways the other ingredients in the pot pot brownies as drugs so if it's a very dense pot brownie you're screwed that means that you're.

Selling a significant amount of drugs now Texas law allows the state to factor sugar cocoa and other ingredients to determine the way to the drug 10 just that so all the backcourt I know I mean with the park managers because they wanted to put these people away whenever that'll always written weather was the war on drugs in ninety Asia in the nineteen sixty without a panic like you wanna get stop kids you wanna bite heroin go ahead no one's arguing to legalize heroin seriously right now that's a.

At a higher level weighty conversation about read this is down the canyon 280 with some pot brownie his nineteen years old his name is Jacob lamar oh by the way his father Joel borrowers like look I'm a conservative dude like I have fought in vietnam I but this is absolutely crazy I and he's scared for his son I'm scared retiree the overall global me not because you got to do it like aka angry dad okay do you five years to life I'm sorry lol are biting citizen I'm a conservative.

I'm a bit now better and I served my country but this is wrong damper all I was good and you might want to consider a career change by the way I just wanted to quickly compare this to another case that happened in Texas so in Texas 16yearold even couch went to Walmart store liquor got drunk when a car with a bunch of his friends drove drunk and then crashed into four people on the side of the road killing them and then it to other people in his car were injured one seriously.

Injured paralyzed for life any it's no jail time but this nineteenyearold who made pot brownies and sold them he might be sentenced to five years or life five years to life in prison I hope that the unbelievably his lawyers a guy named Jack Holmes who says he's been doing this for 22 years and he spent 10 years as a cop the lawyers a cop goes out which is never seen anything like this before on up by the way here somebody else in Texas Williams who was the person you.

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Mom Flips Out When Teacher Refuses To Serve Vagina Cookies To 2nd Graders

Gtgt So a mother who recently tried to take sex education in her own hands and her own kitchen recently became an Internet sensation. This woman who goes by the name Autumn Lily Speaker on Reddit freaked out when she brought at her daughter's second grade class when the teacher refused to serve a tray of cookies that were decorated like vaginas to the rest of the class. LAUGHTER Now, real quick, this whole story was shared on LAUGHTER This whole story was shared on Reddit oh LAUGHTER.

by someone who claims to be friends with the teacher named JPStudly. gtgt I like the second one at the top. gtgt Yeah, that's a meaty cookie. LAUGHTER Take it with a grain of assault gtgt It's a meat curtain. gtgt All right, do you want to hear this is story This is crazy. So the teacher encourages parents to bring a snack if the kids are behaving themselves that week. So it was Autumn's turn to bring a little treat. And she walked in with a tray of cookies and said to the second graders,.

The teacher then told Autumn she'd be doing so such thing. And that's when all hell broke loose. According to Reddit poster, Autumn, in front of though whole class, all the children, freaked out on the teacher and said how she because she's a teacher. gtgt I can't imagine a worse scenario than being a kid and hearing your mom yell at the you should be proud of your vagina. gtgt Funny you should say so, because obviously she stormed out, left the cookies, which the teacher then scraped off the icing, gave to the kids.

Apparently they were delicious. But emails came to the teacher going, why did my child learn the word vagina today So there was a lot of problems with that. Autumn's child is no longer enrolled at that school. She's not allowed on the property anymore. And she actually sent the craziest email to the teacher. I'd like to give you some highlights, if I may. And it's a long email, but I'll give you the good stuff. You settled for less when you became a teacher, because that is known as a woman 's job.

Gtgt Oh! gtgt There's more. We, as women, should stand together and inform remember, this was for second graders inform people about the vagina and how to please it. I will no longer be participating on Fridays due to the lack of disrespect I was shown today. gtgt Please, don't go. gtgt Yeah. The lack of disrespect, though. gtgt Lack of disrespect No, she was disrespected. gtgt Finally, she ends saying, so I will be taking or trying to take my child out of class due to your cliche role.

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Pot Brownies May Land Man In Jail FOR LIFE.A Texas man faces a possible life sentence for making and selling marijuana brownies. Authorities in Round Rock charged 19yearold Jacob Lavoro with a..

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