ABV Weed Cannabutter Recipe

Bon Journo everybody, this is chef Luigi and for today, we will be cooking what we call canna butter. Lets go over the ingredients. To create this amazing wonderful recipes, what we need is a crockpot, aluminum foil, cheese cloth, mixing spoon, measuring cup, a 12 ounce of ABV already been vapid marijuana, a butter jar, and two sticks of butter. First, put two sticks of butter in the crockpot. Melt the butter with the crock pot on high and then mix in the 12 an ounce of ABV and stir. Stirring stirring stirring. Now that.

We have all the ingredients inside the crockpot, we need to set it on high for 2030 minutes until simmer. High my favorite temperature setting, stirring stirring stirring. MMMM smells good, deliciousiohso. Alright, now that we have reached a simmer, we need to turn down the crockpot to low heat and cover for 2hours. cover it. cover cover, it is hard to me to cover it because I am only a puppet and its hard to carry heavy things. Then, strain the ingredients through the cheese cloth and into the butter jar. This will get.

Drunk vs Stoned

So you catch them and drop them. Yeah, I got it. Laughing laughing Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. five. four. Three. two. One. Lift it forward and you catch in your legs. Now bring your leg back up and catch with your hands. Fk you. Uuugghhh!!! Fk you! laughter Hey, Dee. I just wanna like tell you that uhh. You mean a lot to everyone that's here. Umm. Happy Birthday. Umm. Dee Just askshmarmdrghm. I wanna be a fire fighter. I was like I'm going to be lawyer. I wanna get in a fight with fire.

And I'm going to have a black lab. I will go buy ummm. Hanes tshirts. that I will rub around my hands. They won't burn that fk quickly. If I knew what being a lawyer. like what. when I was back. Listen!!! I will kick the fire's ass. Guaranteed. Final Round! Goooldman. dolphin cop! One thing I didn't even taken into consideration when we were doing this is how fking hung over I'd be the day after. I feel pretty good, I slept really, really well. My head hurts, my body hurts.

I have like a cut on my leg and I have no idea how I got it.Oh my God! haha. I woke up this morning and remembered that I had parked my car in a tow away zone and the car got towed. Any thing else you want to add Don't do drugs kids Yeah, that's a good one. So I, uh. I think no matter what. enjoy everything in moderation. and ahh. don't get to a point where you're being an idiot. Because. as you can see it really really sucks either way.

Pot Brownies May Land Man In Jail FOR LIFE

A 19yearold man in Texas is facing a life sentence for baking and selling pot brownies using hash oil now he could serve anywhere between five years to life and to know that he would even spitzer five years of his life behind bars for this is absolutely ridiculous now it's considered a firstdegree felony because of the way to brownies texas is one of the only states that actually I ways the other ingredients in the pot pot brownies as drugs so if it's a very dense pot brownie you're screwed that means that you're.

Selling a significant amount of drugs now Texas law allows the state to factor sugar cocoa and other ingredients to determine the way to the drug 10 just that so all the backcourt I know I mean with the park managers because they wanted to put these people away whenever that'll always written weather was the war on drugs in ninety Asia in the nineteen sixty without a panic like you wanna get stop kids you wanna bite heroin go ahead no one's arguing to legalize heroin seriously right now that's a.

At a higher level weighty conversation about read this is down the canyon 280 with some pot brownie his nineteen years old his name is Jacob lamar oh by the way his father Joel borrowers like look I'm a conservative dude like I have fought in vietnam I but this is absolutely crazy I and he's scared for his son I'm scared retiree the overall global me not because you got to do it like aka angry dad okay do you five years to life I'm sorry lol are biting citizen I'm a conservative.

I'm a bit now better and I served my country but this is wrong damper all I was good and you might want to consider a career change by the way I just wanted to quickly compare this to another case that happened in Texas so in Texas 16yearold even couch went to Walmart store liquor got drunk when a car with a bunch of his friends drove drunk and then crashed into four people on the side of the road killing them and then it to other people in his car were injured one seriously.

Injured paralyzed for life any it's no jail time but this nineteenyearold who made pot brownies and sold them he might be sentenced to five years or life five years to life in prison I hope that the unbelievably his lawyers a guy named Jack Holmes who says he's been doing this for 22 years and he spent 10 years as a cop the lawyers a cop goes out which is never seen anything like this before on up by the way here somebody else in Texas Williams who was the person you.

ABV Recipes ABV Cannabis Capsules by Chef Luigi

Bon journo my vape tempers today we are going to make ABV Canna Capsules. Since ABV has already been through the Decarboxylation process, we can simple add some fat to help the digestion of the ABV and you take these ABV pills quick and easy. Yeah, Science Mother F! Some people out there don't like the taste of ABV, so I have created this recipe just for them. It is fast, easy to make, and is the most accurate way of ingesting your ABV. So lets get started. What you will need is, Large Empty Gelatin.

Capsules, Coconut oil, And some ABV or Already been vaped marijuana. Remember everybody to grind your ABV as finely as possible so you get the most cannabinoids out of it. Start by mixing your finely grinded abv with a little coconut oil so you can get the mixture right. Then take your gelatin capsules and load them with this mixture as tightly as possible. And Voila! That's it. Now you can keep these in your refrigerator and grab one or two so when your wife begins to nag you about why you haven't finished.

Cleaning up your dishes. You will feel nice and high to keep your mind at ease. LUIGI !LUIGI! Yeah. WHY DO YOU MAKE SUCH A MESS IN THE KITCHEN. Ok. That's nice honey. You got it! IT IS FILTHY. CLEAN IT UP NOW! Thank you honey, I love you muah! Just remember everybody, these pill are to be taken orally, these are NOT suppositories! That means you don't put it in your butt. Unfortunately, I learned that lesson the hard way. Bad memories! Thank you so much for watching everybody. For more ABV.

Simple ABV Weed Tincture Recipe

LA LA LA LA LA LA Hey Bon Journo everybody. I'm so happy to see you. Today we going to be making an ABV tincture recipe. What you are going to need is, a blender, a cheese cloth, one jar, something to store your tinc in, your vaped bud, I would recommend an ounce or more but I have used less, and a high proof alcohol. Remember everybody to grind your ABVas finely as possible, so you get the most cannabinoids out of it. Start by dumping your ABV and high proof alcohol into a blender. Remember, mix it well, stirring, stirring,.

Stirring. LA LA LA LA LA LA. Blend in short burst for a couple of seconds at a time. Alright, now that we have mixed all of the ingredients, at this point, if you wish you could strain in through your cheese cloth and be done, but if you wait and have some patiences, it can be much much stronger. I recommend you pour you tincture sludge into another jar. Seal it and store it in a cold dark place like my mother in laws heart. Save it for two weeks! Alright director hit the montage sequence. LALALALALALALA! And.

Now that two weeks have past, we are going to want to strain the ABV with the cheese cloth into the clean jar. MMM smells a good. I'm fine, Achu! This will insure all the active chemicals have been absorbed by the alcohol. Ok, slowly pour it into the cheese cloth, oops! I have a little tincture in my puppet hands. AND voila! Store your tincture in a cold dark place. Always remember ladies and gentlemen, slowly increase your dosage over time. This stuff can be really potent. Thank you for watching and we will see you next.

Mother And Son Smoke Weed Together For The First Time

My mind, is like, thinking way more faster than I am. giggling Are you are just talking all kinds of strange shit electronic music Did I think that I would actually be sitting here one day with one of my kids getting ready to get high No! I did. Pot wasn't really something I did a lot. That really wasn't my thing when I was younger. On occasion here and there, and then I got cancer. Started getting treatments that really made me sick to my stomach.

So I started getting it directly from the doctor. And now they have me on cannabis oil so that's kinda fun too. I was kinda surprised when I found out you smoked pot. Thought it wasn't your thing No it wasn't for a long time but then, one day it was. It gives me a lot less, a lot less problems than, like, I dunno, getting hammered. The worst I do when I am high is I'm like, Alright, let's watch something on TV. funk music I gotta say, it is kinda weird to be loading.

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Now I'm gonna be like RoboCop. This is so fucking weird. You're just such a good boy! Just so you know, back in the 90's, he actually created the first flip phone. No, I did not. You did. No, I didn't! You created that first design. It was paper. I know. giggling I know. But you had the vision. both laughing What Oh, hell yeah. As far as I'm concerned, I can sit here for the next few hours and just kick back.

Delicious ABV Weed Rice Krispy Treats

CIAO CIAO my vape tempers today we are going to make ABV Rice Krispy Treat. This recipe is so fast. It will be done before you can say Snap, crackle, pot. What you will need is. , four large marshmallows, one teaspoon of butter, one half cup of Rice Krispy Cereal , a mug or bowl and some finely grind ABV or Already been vaped marijuana. Remember everybody to finely grind your ABV as finely as possible so you get the most cannabinoids out of it. First Place the four marshmallows and a teaspoon.

Of butter into a microwavesafe bowl or mug. Then, Microwave for 2030 seconds. AH YAYA, this microwave is so difficult with my little puppet hands. Remove from the microwave once the marshmallows have puffed up and the butter has melted. Stir the mixture together stirring stirring stirring while adding in your rice krispies then the ABV. And voila. For some alternative snack try supplementing the rice krispies for some Fruity pebbles or even some Coco Krispies. Just be careful on the dosage and always remember to start off with a little.

ABV Recipes Things To Know When Cooking with ABV

Where did I smell this before I am pretty sure I have smelled this scent before. This smells like my wive's P! Bon Journo my vape tempers. Today, I am going to give you a personal cooking lesson on how to cook with ABV 101 and why you should be saving all of your already been vaped marijuana for some easy and delicious recipes. ABV is the byproduct of vaporizing your marijuana. Vaporizers are one of the most efficient ways to conserve your herb. Now, when you vaporizer your herb there is a bunch of different factors when.

Determining the potency of your ABV. If you have shorter sessions at lower temperatures, you will be conserving a lot of the Marijuana's psychoactive chemicals and sedative ingredients. If you heat you ABV at very high temperatures for long periods of time it will be much less potent. Take a look here and you can see the differences. First we have unvaped weed. Next we have ABV that was lightly vaped at ideal temperatures. And finally we have ABV that was used at very hot temperatures and will be much less potent. ABV recipes are perfect.

For a late night snack to help you sleep or when you want to Netflix and Chill! With ABV you don't actually have to cook the marijuana, when you use it in a vaporizer you are already activating the ingredients in the weed. So ABV works best with recipes that are quick easy and don't need to heat anything. Since everyone's tolerance is different and everyone's ABV will be different, we recommend you experiment with dosage on some peanut butter toast. Once you get your dosages right, then you can get exact measurement needed for your favorite.

ABV Weed Recipes How To Make ABV Oatmeal Bites or Granola Bars

Bon journo my vape tempers today we are going to make ABV Granola Bites. Since ABV has already been through the Decarboxylation. oh shit my writer always making things hard. HEATING process, we can make these granola bars without baking or cannabutter. What you will need is 12 cup natural homemade peanut butter, 1 teaspoons vanilla, 12 cup honey, 1 Tablespoons coconut oil, 1 12 cups old fashioned oats And your favorite extra ingredients like nuts, chocolate chips, and dried berries or to make it quick and easy your favorite trail mix. And of course you would need a blender and.

Some mini baking cups. Remember everybody to grind your ABVas finely as possible so you get the most cannabinoids out of it. First Mix in all the ingredients into a large bowl. 12 cup natural homemade peanut butter, 1 teaspoons vanilla, 12 cup honey, 1 Tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 12 cups old fashioned oats and finally some trail mix. Stirring Stirring Stirring. At this point you can add your ABV into the bowl. Then roll small individual sized balls into each baking cups. I like to add ABVindividually into granola bites to get more accurate results Be sure to mix.

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How To Make Cannabis Butter Cooking With Marijuana 101 Cannabutter Edibles Base

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